Fashion: Summer’s Here

     As of late our focus here at ¡Fresh Aesthetic!™ has been heavy on art, and rightfully so.  Creative energy is a driving force in expression and influence of the urban aesthetic.  That being said so does fashion, and one of the most fashionable times of year is upon us.  Summertime, when you can step […]

The Power of the Colab

     The colaboration between brands is becoming more common place in fashion…  To some it would seem like these brands are reaching by piggy backing another brand to promote their own.  Now I’m not saying that each brand doesn’t benefit, but maybe its a more symbiotic relationship than first thought.       I mean think about […]

The $50 Outfit #2

     Its hard out here these days.  The oil industry’s laying people off left and right, walmart is closing stores.  Let’s just be honest, shits not looking up right now.  That being said life don’t stop, and the need/want to stay fresh and crispy doesn’t go away.  If you shop around or know people who […]

Bespoke & Custom Clothing.

     The idea of clothing being tailored to fit the individual is not a new phenomenon in the least.  It was something of a treat to the man of more modest means, but a common occurance amongst the more distinguished.  As of late its becoming more common to see options in regard to individualising your […]