Random Record Review: Jaden Smith – “Syre”

This era we’re in. A culmination of the past manifesting itself into this future digital age. The times and the globalization of culture gives creatives a freedom that is still new. We are all still getting a grasp of the real potential of what is literally at our fingertips. There is an assumption that the new generation has it easy. That with the conveniences of today that “there is no way they struggle like we did.” That misconception downplays the influence youth culture will always have in music.

Jaden Smith is part of that youth whose struggle to find their own identity is largely misunderstood. I, like many other critics under estimated him in particular and the youth in general. Syre is a well put together, honest, and surprisingly mature sonically. A kind of coming of age project. A man coming into his own, and doing it with flavor. Some are very critical of an artist when things seem handed to them. Jaden Smith could have taken a the safe road and done what was expected of him. He chose a more adventurous route, and that has allowed him this freedom some don’t have. The young man he’s become commands respect. The best part of this project is that it’s honest. A product of these times the older generation gets baffled by. He, “an icon living” is part of the tastemakers setting the stage for more individuality. Flavors all their own.

Jaden is doing his thing on this album. NOBODY sounds like him right now and it works. The individual is celebrated these days, and I hope this album causes more people to celebrate their uniqueness. The youth needs it. The world needs it. Syre is a straight play all the way through. Vibe, chill, turn up… Just jam this album. You won’t regret it.

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