The Social Media Poblem

In life there are blessings and there are curses. Other times we encounter something that is a bit of both. The things that have the potential to open doors to the world around us are often the same things that hold the pitfalls that can keep us from it. It’s really a matter of how we use it. To quote Voltaire and Uncle Ben from the Spiderman comics, “With great power comes great responsibility.” After all it is ultimately in our hands how we use what is accessible to us.
Ok… Take cell phones for instance. Most people have multiple uses for them beyond calling and text. Some watch their favorite shows, others read articles, but many people (myself included) do it all on their phones. For some, actually for most, phones have replaced computers. I don’t know if I would say replaced, but social media has definitely changed the way we interact. EVERYONE is more accessible than ever. Because of this ease of interaction and accessibility it is often used in the most basic capacity.
Most people use literally billions of dollars in technology to research the bare minimum. The ease of use and knack to just do the bare minimum hoping for the best result is becoming all too common. This ease of use should be looked at as a challenge rather than a convenience. Just because it’s easy does not mean its effective. Liked/followers on Instagram does not equate to reaching your target audience.
We spend hours upon hours here trying to do just that. Trying to figure out how to tap into our audience and capitalize on what we have to offer. I’m sure this is no different than many other companies and outlets. The question isn’t why aren’t they seeing us, but instead how can we reach them. The question shouldn’t be why is my social media not lit, but rather how do we bring the lit folks to the table. In short, what works for some will not work for others. Sometimes you have to go deeper and do more with what is available. I mean after all the platform is there. The money has been spent on maximizing its potential. Now to maximize yours….

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