Art & Music: A Stake in the culture….

Most people think of strickly hip hop when you mention city or street culture.  Truth is city or “urban” Culture is as authentic and diverse as any other culture, or atleast it is to me..  It’s not just rap or “black” Culture and never really was., but there’s defenitely a large part of the culture represented by that group.  It’s as diverse as the cities we live in.  It reflects the people and the vibe of the town you live in.  Now with the help of technology the vibe feels more global.
Still in this global/digital environment there’s this sense of community but individuality in the market.  Cities maintain their identity while the style and influence of the world community is ever present.  With this level of influence comes a level of responsibility, but most important is to be relevant.  The markets are flooded to say the least.  Not just one market EVERY market from music to art.  Some people view the saturation as a bad thing.  We view it as more of a blessing than a curse.  Yea you have alot of ideas rehashed and homogenized, but when that new take on a common theme comes out.  It’s groundbreaking. Take fashion for instance.  There’s like a million and one companies doing t-shirts, but I bet there’s a couple of companies that do it different enough to catch my eye…..
That brings me to the point of this entry.  With so many artists, musicians, businesses, and creative entities contributing to the culture it’s hard to figure out where you or your company fits in.  We have to look at the examples set by our pioneers in the culture.  People like Nicky Diamond, Jeff Staple, Shepard Fairey, or Nas who have invested time and money into representing the culture and staying relevant at the same time.  It’s a beautiful thing to be a fan or student of the culture and still make significant contributions at the same time.

– SoCity

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